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Complete online treatment for all type of skin diseases,Especially unwanted facial hair Remove with out laser surgery(1-3month), baldness male/female(4month),and all type of wrinkels,freckels and melasma(3month)

Homoeopathic treatment of chronic skin infections

Dr, Kafail Ahmed

A new study conducted in Germany has found that the homoeopathic remedy, Sulfur Oligoplex, seems to be very beneficial for people suffering from chronic skin infections and related skin disorders including acne and eczema.

Sulfur Oligoplex is a formulated homoeopathic remedy which has been used by homoeopaths on the continent for over 85 years in the treatment of chronic skin conditions including seborrhoeic eczema, skin infections and acne. It contains Sulphur 6x, Alumen 6x, Cuprum oxydatum nigrum 6x and Magnesium sulfuricum 6x.

A study was conducted in Germany to evaluate the efficacy of Sulfur Oligoplex for various skin disorders. 4,339 patients were evaluated; 3078 (70.9%) of them were over 12 years of age, 912(21%) were between 6 -12 years of age, 259 (6% were aged between one year and 6 years, and 90 (2.1%) were under one year of age.

Data was collected via questionnaires which were completed by the attending health practitioners who had used Sulfur Oligoplex for an average of 10 years (the shortest period a practitioner had used the remedy was six months and the longest was 34 years). The average duration of treatment for patients was 6 weeks.

The results showed that 2065 (47.6%) patients experienced a complete clearance of symptoms, 1742 (40.1%) experienced a clear improvement, 382 (8.%) experienced a minor improvement and only 150 patients (3.5%) experienced no improvement.

Side effects were noted in 166 (3.8%) of the patients, but these were mainly typical homoeopathic reactions involving a slight worsening of symptoms at the commencement of the treatment. The tolerability of the treatment was judged to very good’ by 96.2% of the patients.

One important factor was that 64.5% of the patients used no additional complementary medicines or treatments, but the other patients were prescribed other remedies including other homoeopathic preparations, dietary changes, mineral preparations, acupuncture treatment and herbal remedies to assist.

Overall, the study showed that Sulfur Oligoplex was effective (in varying degrees) in 96.5% of the patients treated although at least one third of the patients also used additional therapies. Although this was not a double-blind, controlled study, the high success rate observed by the practitioners and the large number of patients provide strong evidence that this may be a useful complementary medicine for people of all ages suffering from chronic skin infections.

In summary, although this research goes some way to supporting the use of Sulfur Oligoplex as, at least, a complementary therapeutic intervention for patients suffering from chronic skin infections and disorders, further controlled, double-blind studies would be required to fully understand the efficacy of the treatment.

Source: Alternatives in health V.2 I.4 June 1997

Warts / Condylomata /  
Corns / Molluscum Contagiosum

Benign, painless skin tumours characterized by circumscribed areas of epithelial thickening. 

Virus (Human Papillomavirus). 

All ages, common in children and young adults.

Corns (Callosites).
Horny indurations & thickening of skin from pressure or friction or both.

Flat warts usually syphilitic in origin located on the external genitalia or near the anus.

Molluscum Contagiosum.
Benign, viral skin disorder characterized by small globular, waxy, umbilicated, epithelial tumours containing semi fluid caseous matter or solid masses. 

DNA virus of poxvirus group.

Homeopathc Approach & Benefits.
Homeopathy offers a painless, non-surgical, non-scaring, permanent alternative cure for warts, corns and molluscum contagiosum. Unlike conventional treatments like cauterisation, cryotherapy or excision, which are often temporary, painful, and scar forming Homeopathic medicines actually expunges them as well as prevents reoccurrences.

The medicines prescribed are internal (oral) Homeopathic remedies that have the ability to expunge the growth as well as reduce viral proliferation. This treatment benefits adults and children alike, and the clinical success rate is exceptionally high.


Scientific Testing And Research In Homeopathy

Dolisos Presents Scientific Testing And Research In Homeopathy

  • Scientific Testing Of Homeopathy
    1. Action of Homeopathic Dilutions
    2. Effects of High Homeopathic Dilutions
  • Scientific Research In Homeopathy
    Homeopathic Dilutions Have An Experimentally Demonstrabale Activity
    Attempt At Experimental Demonstration Of The Law Of Similars

Scientific Testing Of Homeopathy

The "infinitesimal" nature of the doses used in homeopathy has long been the major objection to this discipline. "How can such small doses act when it is known that theoretically there is no matter present beyond Avogadro's number (6.23 X 10 to the 23rd) which corresponds roughly to a twenty-third decimal!" 24X or 12C. The results obtained by the homeopaths have, however, been in evidence for over 150 years and are often spectacular!

The technical progress of recent years in experimental physics makes it possible today to formulate hypotheses on the mode of action of these infintesimal dilutions, and during the last few years the activity of the latter was scientifically shown to be efficacious. This activity follows from the Law Of Similars: the experiments have always been conducted on presensitized subjects. Experiments listed below will illustrate this:

1. Action of Homeopathic Dilutions

  • On the Biochemical Level

    - On vegetables

    Prof. Netien showed and measured the activity of a homeopathic dilution of copper sulfate on grains of peas previously intoxicated by this substance:

    - The control lot was formed of grains cultivated in pure water

    - A second lot of grains was cultivated in a dilution of copper sulfate.

    He found an almost normal appearance in the little plants of the second lot while those of the control lot were atrophied and yellowed.

    Dilution favors toxic elimination This experiment was repeated on other plants with the same results.

  • On the Psychic Level

    - In animals

    Thuja is a great homeopathic medication. It is a polycrest whose pathogenesis contains many mental symptoms. By a scientific battery of tests currently used in pharmacology it is possible to show if a substance acts as a stupefacient. Dr. Tetau chose to study the action of Thuja on rats in massive chemical doses, and then at high dilutions. The study focussed on certain reflexes created in trained animals. It was found that anumals who were intoxicated and unbalanced responded after a single dose of Thuja 9 CH. Their symptoms disappeared and they recovered their equilibrium.

    2. Effects of High Homeopathic Dilutions

    Various experiments on plants and animals have proven both the activity of high dilutions and the validity of the Law of Similars.

    - Experiments of seaweed intoxicated by coper sulfate; Dilutions of copper sulfate in a 30X act upon the growth, respiration and cholorophyllogenesis of seaweed;

    - Likewise, laboratory examinations (transaminase rates) have proven the repairing action on hepatic lesions by using phosphorus 30X dilutions on rats previously intoxicated by carbon tetrachloride. Hence the use of phosphorus in the homeopathic treatment of viral hepatitis.

Scientific Research In Homeopathy

Homeopathic Dilutions have an Experimentally Demonstrable Activity.

Research of professors Lapp and Wurmser.

Guinea pigs injected with 1000 gamma units of arsnic will excrete (urine-faeces) approximately 35% of the administered dose in about 90 hours. After this no more arsenic traces can be found in the urine. An injection of Arsenicum Album in a 14X (7CH) dilution 3 weeks later results in a further elimination of 39% of the trapped Arsenic. Distilled water injections used as controls triggered no such elimination.

The same experiments conducted by Professor Cier, this time on the vestibulary chromaxia of pigeons, confirmed that Arsenicum Album in a 30X potency (15CH) is equally active.

Research of J. and M. Tetau

They studied the psychophamacology of thuya. Rats are trained to find their way through a maze (Mercier's Test). The adminsitration of substantial doses of Thuya deconditions these rats, relsulting in a loos of equilibrium. An injection of Thuya 18X re-establishes their conditiond reflex.

Attempt at Experimental Demonstration of the Law of Similars

Work of Bildet, Guere, Saurel, Aubin, Demarque and Quilichini.

There is a similarity between intoxicatioin by carbon tetachloride and phosphorus. Both cause hepatitis having certain characteristics. When rats having received carbon tetrachloride (cc14) and showing symptoms of toxic hepatitis are injected with homeopathic dilutions of Phosphorus at 14X and 30X, it is found that this diluted and energized phosphorus accelerates the regression of the hepatic lesion. 14X has been shown to be more active on the transaminase rates, whereas 30X is more active on the hepatic tissue lesion involved in the histology.


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